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The more love that goes into our farming practices, the better the crop. Cannabis is no exception. We’re passionate about farming cannabis. We love everything about cultivating it– planting it, harvesting it, and curing it.

Cannabis helps people. The right flower can literally change lives for those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. We believe that every of-age person deserves access to great quality, locally-grown cannabis. Buying cannabis should be friendly and easy, and it should be fairly priced, too.

At Plantae, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to advocate for our profession, continue to build our roots in the community, and proudly represent the lands we farm through responsible stewardship. Our mission is simple: We aim to provide the community the best cannabis Central Oregon has to offer, grown and hand-picked locally with love.


Plantae is dedicated to environmentally conscious cannabis farming, not just because it’s the right thing to do for our planet, but because it’s what’s best for our products and customers.

Plantae cannabis is grown by family farmers, on an actual farm, in a greenhouse–not a warehouse–so we can harness the natural, energy-efficient power of the sun. Plantae cannabis is grown, harvested, and sold locally from seed to bud, allowing us to keep high-quality products available at an affordable price for our community.

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close up of marijuana plant in a greenhouse


Alfalfa Valley Farms is an Oregon-based farm with the goal of providing the best cannabis and cannabis-related products to customers at fair pricing. We were one of the first farms to obtain a production license in our county and currently have one of the largest cannabis farms in Central Oregon.

Our operation began as a fifth-generation commercial farming family, growing such crops as corn, soy beans, walnuts, and almonds. Our knowledge of commercial farming applies directly to the way we view cannabis production. The result is that our consumers enjoy a high-quality, consistent product without the markup.

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